The cultural background of this region is immense.
It’s all matter of choosing your favourite subject.


From the Greek remains of Paestum, Cuma and Ischia, to the roman ruins of Pompeii, Herculaneum, Oplontiis and Stabiae.

History and Art:

Naples and Salerno have always played a major role in Western society.

Today, they’re both a mosaic of styles and cultures, of all ages and types.
Roman patricians and emperors had their holiday villas here: Tiberius, Horace and Virgilius, just to name a few.


The volcanic soil and the mild microclimate spawn an interesting variety of thermal springs, flora and fauna, as well as minerals and stones. See Capri, a natural gem, and the green island of Ischia with its abounding healing waters.

So yes, you have many good reasons to choose this region!